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11 Dec 2018

The ‘biology of history’ as the ‘biology of...

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), microbiome scientists insist, is the main cause of the loss of microbial diversity in high-income countries. Biomedical,...

19 Nov 2018

Solo efforts will not curb antibiotic resistance

Shortly after it was revealed that antibiotics crucial to human medicine are still being used in “unacceptable” quantities on US livestock...

14 Nov 2018

AMR Symposium: Presentation Videos

In September 2018 the AMIS Programme hosted a symposium to highlight the work of early career scholars that are exploring...

23 Oct 2018

Investigating the public’s role in AMR – as...

The public has an important role to play in addressing the complex issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and many people...

26 Sep 2018

Social Science and AMR Research Symposium: Summary

At the beginning of September the AMIS team hosted a one-day Social Science in AMR Symposium at the British Academy.

25 Sep 2018

The ‘Drug Bag’ Method: Antibiotic Stories in Harare,...

The old woman called through to her daughter, “come, come and see this”. Her daughter, who was busy frying fritters...

12 Sep 2018

Social Science and AMR Research Symposium: Event

The AMIS Programme hosted a work-in-progress symposium and networking event on 10 September 2018, at the British Academy.

20 Aug 2018

Antibiotic Angels: Seeing Green in Thailand’s Orange Orchards

How are antibiotics a kind of infrastructure that enable farmers to grow oranges in large orchards?

03 Aug 2018

Notes from the Field: Urban informal settlement, Kampala

‘We live with risk,’ he tells me, as we weave our way along the railway line that cuts through the...